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Solvent Sahera Begum by Small Enrepreneur

Sahera Begum was a poor and illiterate housewife of Parulia village with her four daughters tried somehow to keep body and soul together having very scanty income of her husbands, an Rikshapuller. While passing her days in such a distressing condition, Sahera Begum learnt about Palash Palli Unnayan Sangstha (PPUS) and its activities, especially Microcredit program. She shown interest to become a member of the nearby Progoti Samity of PPUS and was accepted as a number of the group on July 29, 2006. She acquired literacy and continued to deposit her savings. After 4 months, she was granted a 8,000 taka loan on September 8, 2006. According to a plan chalked out earlier, she bought a wooden loom with the loan money and began to weave towels. Since then fortune started smiling upon her. Frugal and thrifty in her habit, Sahera Begum kept on defraying the expenditures of her family and repaying the loan installments. After such a struggle for one year, the indigent family of six saw a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. Sahera Begum’s husband always extended his assistance to help run her business as smoothly was possible.

After satisfactory repayment of the first loan, Sahera Begum took a second loan of taka 12000 on August11, 2007, Adding Tk. 3,000 Sahera Begum from her savings; she bought an improved quality machine loom worth Tk 15,000. With proper management of business she could bring solvency in her family. But Sahera Begum did not stop there, ratherr expanded her business. She took another loan of Tk. 25,000 under the Creative Micro enterprise programme of PPUS on September 29, 2008 to procure a larger loom. Hard labour and expansion of business continued concomitantly. PPUS granted her a loan of Tk. 35,000 again under Creative Micro enterprise program on September 29, 2009.

Thus Sahera Begum saw her dream come true after a bitter struggle. Sahera Begum married her two big daughters in solvent families and she is bearing the educational expenses of her two little kids smoothly. Her family is now free from chill penury and poverty she experienced before. Her output has increased manifold due to power run weaving machine. Towels woven in her factory are being marketed in Dhaka and Sylhet. Sahera Begum created employment opportunity for some people also. 4 salaried employees and 21 workers on daily wage basis are now engaged in her factory.

Sahera Begum is the shinning example of a bright success. She has amply proved that it is not that difficult to see the light by overcoming the dark hurdles if financial assistance is added to one’s industry, honesty and single-minded devotion and dedication to work. Her award has created a wide excitement in the area and inspired people to transcend beyond the fringe of poverty. Sahera Begum of the remote area by dint of her creativity and hard work had not only established herself, but also enhanced the image of the country across the globe. Her eyes are now glowing with dreams. Now Self-confident and self-reliant Sahera Begum said “I want to prosper further and create job opportunities for more people”. Sahera Begum cherished a dream that towels woven in her factory will be exported abroad one day and it will earn credit and reputation for the country in future.

Morjina Begum of Barar Char Village

Morjina Begum, a village housewife could not read or write though she went to the school about one year at her childhood. She worked in the garment factories more than 5 years. Due to being pregnant she gave up working in the garment factory at the beginning of 2008. Papia and her husband were not agreed to start working in the garment factory again due to their small baby. Morjina heard about Tailoring Training of PPUS from one of her neighboring girl who was also a student of PPUS’s Training Program. Then she took admission to learn Bangla as she was interested to learn tailoring items. She took admission dated 15th February 2008 in Bangla section and Tailoring section.Now Morjina can read and write Bangla and also she has learned English alphabets and some small words. She also can read and write numbers (English, Bangla), addition, subtraction and multiplication etc. Still now she is coming to PPUS for more study.Morjina also completed Tailoring Cutting and Sewing Course from PPUS successfully. She learned 32 tailoring items. She practices long time at PPUS Tailor House and she also completed her internship. Then she was facing financial problem as she had to spend a good number of money during her delivery period. As she was regular, attentive and poor student PPUS giver her waiver of tuition fee to learn tailoring items well. She used to get long time to learn and practice at PPUS that helped her being expert tailoring master.

Now, she can make all kinds of child dresses, Pillow cover, curtain, Salower, kamiz, various designs of three pieces, Panjabi, Fotua and other women’ dresses. Last May 2009 she bought a sewing machine as she wanted to run home based tailoring business. Last July’09 Morjina earned more than 1400 taka making dresses of her neighboring people. Now Morjina does not want to take job to any garment factory or any tailoring shop as she is to look after her small daughter. But she wants to run her home based tailoring business. In future she will try to expand her business like as she will keep some assistant tailoring workers and she will circulate her business and collect more dress making order etc.

Abu Baker is now a successful businessman

 Doli Begum and her husband Abu Baker are the group member of Palash Palli Unnayan Sangstha for the last 8 years. Before becoming member, Mr. Abu Baker Miah was very poor. During his childhood, he dreamt to become a businessman but he had no capital to invest. He did not like to continue his study in hardship though his mother tried her best for her son’s education so that he can get an official job. Mr. Abu Baker Miah left school and was passing life like a vagabond. Once he took a job in vegetables shop in the nearby Bazar finding no escape from acute poverty. He used to get Tk- 500 per month which was not sufficient to have three meals a day. But he did not stand back from his desire to become a businessman. Once he got acquainted with the Branch Manager of Palash Palli Unnayan Sangstha (PPUS) while the manager was purchasing vegetables from his shop. Abu Baker Miah told his miseries and desire. Branch manager found potentials in him and told to see him in his office along with his mother. Abu Baker Miah and his wife met the manager. Branch manager explained him the organization’s credit support system. Abu Baker Miah instantly agreed to become group member. His wife took membership in Progoti Samity according to organization’s policy. After few days, Abu Baker Miah took loan of Tk-8,000 through his wife and started selling vegetables business in the bazaar. He timely refunded the loan. He continued to take loan every year and last year he took loan of Tk-50,000 from the organization. His financial condition improved and has become a big vegetables businessman with other grocery items in his area. At present, he has got Refrigerator and TV in his shop and he has capital and other assets worth of Tk-500,000. The small credit has brought a significant positive change in his life and lifted his family out of extreme poverty.


Parvin Begum’s story of success

Parvin Begum lives in Majer Char village of Palash Upazila under Narsingdi district. Her husband Dulal Miah did not earn much for the family and was leading miserable life. She looked for work servant work but could not mange. She wanted to help her husband for maintaining livelihood but got frustrated finding no work in her area. Once she heard about the Microcredit activities of Palash Palli Unnayan Sangstha from one of her relatives living in her village. She came to Parulia branch office and become member of Progoti Samity. At first she took loan of Tk-10,000 and started Duck rearing. She got lucrative output from her duck farm and refunded her loan in due time. She took further loan and increased the number of ducks. She never misused the loan money and fully utilized it for profit making. She won and her income reached to 18,000-20,000 per month at present. She is now owner of 300 ducks and every day she is getting at least 200 eggs per day which value of Tk-1,200 and after feed and other cost she earns Tk 600-700 per day. She left the poverty behind and now leading poverty free lifestyle.

Self Reliant Tania Khatun

Tania Khatun started home based tailoring business at the end of her course duration of Palash Palli Unnayan Sangstha (PPUS). Her husband was a sharecropper farmer. Her husband was unable to provide meals to the family members. They were severely struggling accompanied with acute hunger. Being informed about Nari Jibon from her younger sister she took admission at PPUS’sTailoring Training to learn tailoring items. She took admission at PPUS dated 1st July 2011. She used to take class regularly and she was attentive to learn tailoring items. In September’11 she completed ‘Tailoring Cutting and Sewing Course’ from Palash Palli Unnayan Sangstha. She learned there 34 tailoring items successfully. Now she can make various kinds of Children and women’ dresses, pillow covers, curtains, fotuya, panjabi, maxi, shorts and shirts, veil etc. She started to work in the home based tailoring business from last October 2011.

Now, Tania Khatun is thinking that she will set up a tailoring shop in a Sadar market.

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