Palash Palli Unnayan Sangstha

Committed to change through participation of rural people  

 Major Activities



  • Income Generation Program and Credit Support for Income Generating Activities
  • Disable Rehabilitation and Treatment
  • Environmental Protection and Management
  • Education & Training (formal-non formal)
  • Fisheries Development - Pond Re-excavation and Fish Culture (RDP)
  • Maternal & Child Health Care,  Reproductive & Adolescent Health, HIV/ AIDS
  • Family planning and Community Health Services
  • Safe Water & Sanitation Program
  • ICT for Sustainable Development
  • Forestry program and Road Side Tree Plantation
  • Small Enterprise Development Program
  • Empowerment through Resource Mobilization
  • Awareness and Network on Climate Change
  • Legal aid, Women & Children Right
  • Training and Workshop for Skill Development
  • Seminar and Awareness Build up Activities
  • Relief and Rehabilitation, Disaster Preparedness and Management
  • Women Empowerment Through Leadership Development
  • Research and Study